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Real fruit and organic fruit juices make all the difference. Ditch the artificial dyes and sweeteners for fruit pops with bold, refreshing flavors you can feel good about.


Are GoodPop frozen fruit bars vegan?

Every GoodPop pop is vegan friendly, even our super dreamy Orange n’ Cream. We keep all of our ingredients clean and simple.

Do GoodPop ice pops contain any dyes or artificial flavors?

Nada. At GoodPop we only use irresistibly real ingredients, always. No Red 40, Yellow 5 or Yellow 6. The bright flavors and colors of our pops are as seen in nature!

Which GoodPop fruit pops have zero added sugar?

The following 100% fruit juice pops have no added sugar: Red, White & Blue Cherry n’ Lemonade, Orange • Cherry • Grape, Mango, Strawberry and our Freezer Pops. We keep all other fruit flavors under 14g of added sugar.

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