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The GOOD In GoodPop

What Our Mission Means To Us

The good in our name goes beyond making deliciously clean frozen treats. As a certified B-Corporation, our mission is to create social good in our community. GoodPop began in local farmers markets serving the community, and as our company grows, we retain our commitment to making the world a brighter place. We established the Pledge Good Foundation with four key causes our team is passionate about that guide our practices and help us choose a nonprofit to partner with each month.

Supporting Equity & Inclusion

Supporting Equity & Inclusion

We are committed to battling systemic inequality and advocating for others. In addition to sourcing Fair Trade ingredients to support our farmers and their communities with a fair wage, we partner with nonprofit organizations that aim to improve material conditions for all members of our community via these efforts:

  • Advocating for underserved communities of all kinds
  • Fighting to end all forms of bigotry and racism
  • Support for access to equitable educational opportunities
Ending Hunger in America

Ending Hunger in America

We help fight against hunger in America. Currently, more than 50 million people in our country face chronic hunger. With the efforts below, we work with nonprofits to help decrease this number:

  • Providing access to meals for those who need it most
  • Supporting nutrition education, especially in areas designated as food deserts
  • Aiding in food emergency relief
Helping Animals Find Homes

Helping Animals Find Homes

We advocate for our furry friends! Working to create a safe and happier life for adopted, stray and homeless animals, we partner with nonprofits to assist with the efforts below:

  • Supporting affordable and accessible vet care
  • Finding stray and homeless animals forever homes
  • Advocating for cities across the country to become a No Kill City
Nurturing a Healthy Environment

Nurturing a Healthy Environment

We take care of the Earth we live on via our products and partnerships. Together we’re working on creating a more sustainable future with the efforts below:

  • Sourcing organic and sustainable ingredients whenever the opportunity
  • Supporting clean up initiatives to keep our cities trash-free
  • Promoting community and learning gardens

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