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Dairy-free frozen desserts are totally having a moment. From indulgent, chocolate-coated oatmilk bars to coconut cream pops, your freezer’s never looked #SooGood.


How do non-dairy frozen desserts compare to ice cream?

According to regulations, ice creams need to contain at least 10% butter fat. To be more inclusive to our vegan friends and families with dairy intolerances, we like to use oatmilk and coconut cream, as they tend to get less icy when frozen and can maintain that classic, ice cream texture.

Are all GoodPop frozen oatmilk pops gluten free?

All of our products are gluten free thanks to our innovative, gluten-free cookie and shortcake recipes!

Please note, while all products are labeled gluten free and are compliant with the FDA’s gluten free definition and regulation, all GoodPop products are produced on a dedicated, allergen-free line in a facility that also processes products with gluten.

Where does GoodPop source its coconut cream?

The certified organic coconut cream featured in several of our cream pops is responsibly sourced from fair trade brokers in Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Philippines.

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