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Real, fresh fruit juice gets blended with sparkling water for a fun and bubbly twist. With no added sugar or artificial flavors, GoodPop Mini Cans will be your go-to juice box swap.


Can kids drink sparkling water?

Absolutely; kids love bubbles! GoodPop Mini Cans are a healthy swap for sugary juice boxes and sodas. Like with most things, our bubbly pops should be considered a treat and enjoyed in moderation.

How much sugar is in GoodPop’s Mini Can juice drinks?

Depending on the flavor, our Mini Cans contain only 5-6g of sugar, nearly 5X less than leading juice box brands. What’s more? All of the sugars are derived from the fruit juices themselves, resulting in a sweet, refreshing drink with no added sugar.

How much fruit juice is in GoodPop’s Mini Cans?

GoodPop’s sparkling juice blends contain between 23-30% real fruit juice, depending on the flavor, with zero grams of added sugar. Like we say: it’s just juice + sparkling water.

Where can I buy Mini Cans in store?

Look for Mini Cans in the juice aisle of your grocery store. If it’s not yet available near you, you can always order right here on

Do Mini Cans need to be refrigerated, or are they shelf stable?

GoodPop Mini Cans are shelf stable. You can store them in your pantry before popping them in the fridge to chill.

Are the aluminum cans GoodPop uses BPA free?

Yes, our can lining is free of BPA!

Is the packing recyclable?

Sure is! Both the cans and carton are fully recyclable, and our juice can be enjoyed on the go without the need of a straw.

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