Our Story


Our Humble Beginnings

One scorching Austin, TX summer day back in 2009, Daniel Goetz, then a student at the University of Texas, was looking for something refreshing. He couldn’t think of any options other than a sno-cone, an Austin summertime staple. At the sno-cone stand he asked, “What’s in that syrup?” and the employee responded with a shoulder shrug. He thought there must be something better out there that was delicious and made with wholesome ingredients but Daniel couldn’t seem to find it. Everything was full of artificial flavoring, coloring and ingredients he couldn’t pronounce.

So… Daniel set out to make a frozen pop made with fresh fruit and simple ingredients. Two months later, GoodPop hit the Austin Farmers Market. Not long after, Whole Foods Market in Austin started to carry them. Now, GoodPop can be found in retailers in all 50 states!

Meet Our Pops

Today and Every Day

We are a group of dedicated do-gooders that leads each day by our shared Good Truths.

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