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Halloween Shirley Temple

This spooky mocktail with cherry eyes is sure to be a hit at your next Halloween party!

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1 GoodPop Cherry Junior Pop
8 oz ginger beer
1 tbsp grenadine

For spooky garnish:
Maraschino cherries
Candy eyes


For mocktail:
1. Add ginger beer into a tall glass filled halfway with ice.

2. Pour grenadine on top.

3. Place Cherry Junior Pop into the mocktail and top with a spooky cherry or two!

For spooky garnish:
1. Carefully cut a tiny circle out of the maraschino cherry. Cut them a little smaller than the size of the candy eyes.

2. Smush candy eye into the open cut circle, fitting it exactly into the space.

3. Garnish your mocktail and enjoy!

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